DHC Restaurant Concepts

While some management companies avoid full service food and beverage operations, our hotels emphasize them both as a profit center and a part of the total guest experience. DHC’s proprietary restaurant concept Basil’s Kitchen®, and Basil’s Bistro® feature a menu of approachable Mediterranean cuisine that is flexible, which allows for customization in each market. This concept not only drives an excellent overall reputation for the hotel in the local market, it also works to increase both catering and group sales.

Basil’s Kitchen – The welcoming atmosphere compliments the approachable, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

Basil Bistro- This concept has the same welcoming approach as Basil’s Kitchen but customized for the business traveler on the go.

Basil’s Bar – Sophisticated, yet inviting, our classic bar offers wine, beer and signature cocktails.

Masterson’s - The newest restaurant concept serving the best in great steak and good company.

BC Bistro – This restaurant concept merges classic cuisine with a contemporary setting.

BC Lounge – We highlight the latest culinary trends with an emphasis on fresh, local products.

SunSpot – A lively, family-friendly restaurant devoted to serving favorite American dishes.