President's Message

The Art of Creating Great Hotels

Thank you for visiting The Dow Hotel Company’s website and welcome!  We are glad that you are interested in our unique company.

In 1997, when we founded the company, our goal was to create a culture where hospitality professionals would be empowered to create results in first class hotels. Since DHC has been in business, we have created real success for our investors, employees and hotels. And, we have built a culture where it’s possible to have a little fun while building our professional careers.

We love the hotel business, and believe that many of the large companies today have lost focus of the “art” of running a great hotel. Fortunately, our particular size and vision have created an environment that allows successful hotel teams to concentrate on the things that matter: employee relations, meeting the financial expectations of investors, operating hotels with an emphasis on top quality food & beverage, and driving revenue.

The Dow Hotel Company’s values are:

  • An aggressive and proactive management style, expressed with sensitivity and integrity in all we do.
  • A commitment to the highest professional standards, yet conducted in a family atmosphere.
  • An intense desire to compete and win, balanced with respect and understanding for all stakeholders.

We’re a hotel company of people who really have worked in hotels. With our independent focus and our great partners, we are able to implement and accomplish what really works for each hotel. Be it selecting and negotiating with the right brand partners, hiring and empowering talented professionals or providing expert support when needed to our hotels, we are proud to be a “truly different” hospitality company.

Here’s to great hotels!

Murray L. Dow, II

On March 22, 2014, Murray Dow II gave the commencement address to the winter graduating class at Western Washington University. Murray Dow is a 1970 graduate of the university and earned a degree in Economics and History. He is also a 2013 Distinguished Alumnus of the College of Business and Economics and is a member of Western's College of Business and Economics Advisory Board. Dow discusses his life post graduation and his 30 years in the hospitality business how he worked his way to founding The Dow Hotel Company in 1997. His speech provided an inspiring message for these young students just beginning their journey.

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