Hotel Management

Driving Success for our Properties

We believe that superior financial results begin with a defined business plan. The Dow Hotel Company works with stakeholders and management to establish clear objectives and directives for each hotel we manage.

Our comprehensive marketing plans feature market segment analysis, asset positioning, competitive knowledge and revenue forecasting. We set aggressive sales goals to drive room rates, bookings, and restaurant and catering revenues. We also help our properties build and enhance their direct marketing and distribution strategy, boost their online presence, and establish relationships with their customers to further increase bookings.

Behind the scenes, DHC’s transparent administrative procedures actively control labor costs and expenses. Internal control checklists, quarterly reviews and annual audits ensure accuracy and help identify cost-saving opportunities.

Each property’s general manager is responsible for leading these efforts, with the goal of reducing costs, enhancing profits, improving productivity and strengthening the hotel’s overall reputation.

Our Human Resources development and training programs are designed to involve employees in our efforts and motivate them to meet our high standards of quality and service.

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